The acts of conjugal love are not something casual, temporary, and capricious that we want to last while we like each other; it is something much deeper and more committed.

The human love between two tends to unite those who love nature because repeated mutual inclination towards that pleasure you get in every sexual act is created. But it is a repeated and gratifying trend, and it should not be synonymous with obligatory or law acquired by either party.

Because never better than in that way of wanting to sometimes give ourselves or giving up in others for love, can you show ourselves that we are not only subject to our desires of nature, but that we are also able to put the exercise at our service of will without having to lose our freedom for it?

Who does not know what it is to share the co-starring role in the same joint story, even if he loves the other, he will always look for his territory and place of principal dominion were to shine in a stellar way. His eagerness to shine with his own light limits his way of loving by illuminating the other and will also lead him to try it in the sexual field, where he will seek to illuminate himself seeking his pleasure and self-centered recognition at the expense of the other and not to know how to project his sensual light and sexual towards the other but only towards himself.

Man and women love each other freely and because they feel like it. In this sense, love is originally an affective-sexual liberation, a free act, a donation from one to the other. But neither of them should ever think of that free donation. “One of the two is in debt … with the other”; “You can choose to have sex for money,” but when talking about love and not only about sex and pleasure, “nobody chooses to love each other on credit.”

The surrender between man and woman for love is originally a gift as free as a reciprocal gift where two people are left in a state of personal, spiritual, the gratitude of true emotional balance. The harmony that occurs in this unit also has an ingredient of a spiritual nature because it is also the fusion of two souls in one body much more than the apparent union of two bodies in a conjugal community.

We must eradicate our mind and our vocabulary without reason to:

When you and I love each other by commitment or obligation we become a poisoned gift because then there is no love there is the only repression and/or rejection, our love has ceased to be a gift, when there is no freedom there can be no thanks.

When you and I love each other and donate for love, we not only owe ourselves nothing, but we welcome each other, we appreciate, we appreciate, we always enjoy, and we are left wanting more … donations.