How To Overcome A Couple Crisis: 7 Practical Tips To Achieve It

Having a good relationship is essential to develop a happy life. However, it is not an easy task to achieve it. In this article, we will share seven practical tips that will help you overcome a couple of crises. In a relationship, different ways of seeing life, different criteria, personal stories, attitudes, emotions, and different temperaments are combined. All that mixture of differences at some point leads to a crisis.

But it is possible to overcome crises and keep the relationship stable. You just need to have a guide or orientation, in order to react correctly to crises. Thinking about it, we wanted to gather for you seven practical tips, with which you can overcome a crisis with your partner. Keep in mind that sessions and couples therapy with a counsellor could be of great benefit. You can even opt for the option of an online psychologist who can also guide you to overcome a couple crises.

First tip: Dialogue, don’t impose

Many times crises make us react negatively. Sometimes we want to impose our criteria, convinced that we are right. This plays against since it does not allow us to understand the other party. Even if you are right, raise the dialogue, and you can reach an agreement that will placate the crisis. So remember that it does not matter winning, it is not a competition, it is about overcoming the crisis. Therefore it poses ideal conditions for dialogue.

Second tip: Accept the differences

Secondly, you must learn that since it is a relationship of two, occasionally in the relationship, there will be two points of view, two criteria. You can’t pretend your partner thinks like you. Many crises are due to one of the parties trying to coerce the other to think and act, as she would. It is best to accept the differences, learn that they are part of the dynamics of the relationship.

Third tip: Have details with your partner

You do not need to give him a gift every day. But it is important that your partner feels valued. For that, it is enough to have small details on a daily basis. Sometimes it is enough to stop to ask how you feel and listen carefully. The couple’s life sometimes makes us feel that everything is already established; we take the relationship for granted and forget the importance of the details. This is how resentments and negative emotions accumulate until the couple explodes, and everything results in an almost uncontrollable crisis. But even in times of crisis, be thorough with your partner, that way you can placate the crisis.

Fourth Tip: Do Not Criticize Your Partner, Focus On What Needs To Be Corrected

 When some behavior of our partner bothers us, this results in a crisis. Many times everything goes out of control because we insist on criticizing our partner and not on correcting or manifesting what bothers us. We recommend that you focus on expressing what bothers you, without this meaning criticizing your partner.

This is how you can generate a good environment to reach agreements and end the crisis.

Fifth Tip: Don’t Compare Your Partner

Comparisons are unnecessary. They do not help solve the problems. Far from solving, comparisons cause more discomfort, and consequently, the crisis increases. Therefore, do not compare, again, you must focus on expressing what bothers you, without criticizing the personality of your partner and without comparing it with other people.

Sixth Tip: Think Before You Speak

Crises intensify when we are not careful in expressing our ideas. If you do not have control and emotional intelligence, you can end up hurting with words, which will make the crisis stronger.

 That’s why you have to think before you speak, say things in a good tone, and to solve and not blame or hurting.

Seventh Tip: Listen Too

When there is no willingness to listen, we move away from solving the crisis. You should worry about listening to your partner, knowing what bothers you, or why it acts the way it bothers you.

Knowing how to listen is essential to get out of the crisis. So listen to your partner. With these practical tips, you will be able to solve the crises and overcome them with your partner.

It is also important to have the help of a psychologist. Do not wait for the situation to be uncontrollable. Remember that you have the option to support yourself with online sessions with an online psychologist, and thus improve the dynamics with your partner.

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